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Syns AdWords-annonser bara där du vill?

Vet du verkligen vart dina AdWords-annonser syns? De kan kan även synas utanför dina geografiska inställningar. [...]

Protect Your Teeth with These Foods

Previously I have told you about how a balanced diet is useful for our teeth health. Today I am giving you a handy list of all such protective foods that [...]

Be an Alert Dental Patient!

When our teeth are in trouble, the dentist seems like god to us. Even though this is true, there are emergencies like a severe toothache when you cannot visit your [...]

Is Your Child ‘Special’?

As a parent, our child is indeed special to us. Here I am talking about children who are unfortunately suffering from a physical, cognitive or neurological condition. I would like [...]

Speak Out For Your Teeth

Your dentist will be able to treat you much better if you let him know about your medical history. After all, he can find out about other diseases too when [...]

Are You Bulimic?

I told you what happens to anorexic people before. Today I am going to let you know about bulimic people. These people are a victim of overeating. They binge on several [...]

Don’t Let Your Teeth Suffer Due To Your Diet

You have heard about anorexia, in which a person (usually girls!) does excessive dieting in order to achieve that size zero. Did you know that it can affect your teeth [...]

Do I Need a Mouthwash?

If you are someone who likes fresh smelling breath and wants to fight bacteria in the mouth, a mouthwash is something that must be in your bathroom. A mouthwash should be [...]

Your Teeth- Window to Your Health

Do you think your dentist is just checking your mouth and teeth during a check-up? No, he is also looking for other symptoms. There are various health-related conditions that can be [...]

Don’t Neglect that Tooth Decay!

If you have cavities in any tooth, the ‘wait and watch’ approach is surely going to harm you. This is because once your teeth start decaying they can worsen if you [...]